All the tools you need, in one platform

Dosen contains all the tools you need to run your mentoring, accelerator or consulting program; Calendar, Video calling, Messaging, Library, Payments and more. We built these tools in such a way as to make member engagement automatic and learning secure and fun.

They all sit on top of a powerful data engine that tracks everything in your program and provides you with more than 150 data points in real-time through your Insights Dashboard.



Our bespoke messaging platform allows program members to share text, audio or digital files and connect 1-1, in a cohort or group chat.


Every program has a library to fill with existing or new audio, video or written articles. Mentors & program owners can submit articles.

Member Directory

Enable peer to peer engagement through a directory of program members and enable intro requests or direct messaging


Calendar & Scheduling

Integrations with Google, Apple and Microsoft calendars make it easy for mentors to display their availability on Dosen.

Video calling

Our bespoke video calling platform is as easy to use as Zoom with all of the features for learning – screen share, guest invites, chat etc.

Goal & Milestone tracking

Goal and milestone setting + progress status built into every engagement. You can auto-populate to ensure the right conversations are happening.

Mentor public profiles

Every mentor gets a unique profile page and URL with a video introduction, gallery, bio, skills, social links and rating & reviews.


From marketing best practices to promotional opportunities, we help every mentor present the best version of themselves.


For paid consulting programs, we offer the ability for advisors (and partners) to receive instant payment from callers instantly.


Matching tools

Manually match members directly or with the help of our ‘suggested match’ feature. Or allow members to request recommendations and self-match.

Branded Landing pages

Every program has the option of its own branded landing pages through which members can sign up, log in or find program information.

Member onboarding

Allow members to sign up themselves, add them individually (existing members or new ones) or upload securely in bulk.

Workflow mgmt.

Manage your program at scale through our workflow tool, which allows you to track every member and engagement from start to end.

Reporting & Insights

Get real-time access to 150+ data points through your real-time Dashboard or exportable datasets to analyze yourself.

Pricing built specifically for you

Whether your program offers unpaid mentorship or paid consulting, we have a plan for you. We build every plan to match your program needs, the features you want to provide and your member numbers. So please get in touch with us so we can find out a little more about you and build a plan that meets your needs.