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Shark Tank funded CEO of Rockbands

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Hello:). My name is Lee Dahlberg and I’m an artist, actor & designer. I own a healing stone jewelry company that I took Shark Tank called Rock Bands by Lee Dahlberg. I later taught a class at Harvard about my experiences on the show. I have 32 years in modeling and acting industry staring in ads all over the world, and walking the runway for the greatest designers. I own a custom furniture business called YouSonofaBench. where I build art & furniture from reclaimed materials. And for the last 21 years I’ve been the Spokesperson for the Richest Dog in the World. I represent a dog that inherited 1/2 a Billion dollars. I have decades of experience in acting, modeling, fashion, design and art. I hope we can work together…I promise you will learn from my mistakes and benefit from my tips. Take care & all the best, Lee

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